zondag 27 december 2015


"Patience", Wim Van Aalst, 90x122cm, oil on panel

This work was inspired by an online post of my friend Tad Spurgeon, who was at the time struggling his way through numerous hold-ups and delays while tring to get his book Living Craft published in hardcover.  I'm paraphrasing, but he more or less said the following: "There never seems to be enough patience at hand in life for what is required by the next step."

Tad remained very conscious of the phenomenon throughout the process, and very consciously decided to remain patient as he was dealing with delay after delay, phonecall after phonecall. A concerted, willfull effort dissipated the apparent paucity of patience. In the end, my friend managed to have a fine hardcover edition ready without losing his patience once, which impressed me greatly.

Life does have enough patience in store to fill the cup of what is required for the day, but it needs a strong will. It's a message I'd like to share with the world through this piece of art.
Thanks to Tad.